Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Improving Tasmanian Ultimate: Pulls

There is a wealth of information about ultimate on the internet, sometimes an overwhelming amount.  So it's important to pick and choose what is appropriate, then systematically apply it to our game.

As we improve in skill, pulling will be a designated role for a few people.  There is actually a lot more to pulling than "throw it as hard as you can, and try and keep it in bounds" as can be read on this blog.

Tasmanians traditionally don't have the length of throw to aim for the 'Alpha' zone.  One of a few reasons for this is that we simply don't do the practice.  As Quoll becomes more focused on improvements, we will be designating certain people as pullers.  These people will be asked to practice pulls within a practice framework, on a full size, marked field so that improvements and pulling prowess can be measured and quantified (and making sure they're not offside.  Remember your entire body has to be behind the line as you release the disc).

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The campaign is beginning!

Steve has put together a list of potential players, and we're excited about names on the list. If you're interested, register your interest by clicking on the 'Registration' link on the right.